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Sergio Ristie is an actor based in the Los Angeles, CA area. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to act in a number of films of varying genres, and to work with many other excellent actors along the way.


Sergio’s career in acting came through early experiences with modeling. He first worked with a big agency at the age of 18, doing shoots and runway modeling in LA and New York. As with so many aspects of the entertainment industry, there was a bit of luck involved in the inception of Sergio’s career.

While walking through a nightclub with a friend who worked there, a modeling agent saw him. The agent introduced him to Nina Blanchard, the iconic Hollywood modeling agent, and things progressed quickly from there.


Having found his path, the stars seemed to align and Sergio Ristie began connecting with the right people at the right time. At 23 years old, he started his first acting job on the Christopher Lloyd TV series Deadly Games.

He followed this performance with appearances in other notable films and series including The Prince starring Billy Dee Williams, the 90’s hit Pacific Blue and the independent short No Experience Necessary. In 2002, Sergio played King Neptune in SpongeBob SquarePants and followed that role up with a part in the TV pilot “Vegas Dick,” later known as just “Vegas.”

Personal Training

Good luck may get you in the door, but it’s hard work that keeps you inside. A lot is made of chance and fortune, and it certainly plays a role, but there is no substitute for being driven and working hard. In addition to his acting, Sergio Ristie is a personal trainer, and he takes his fitness and the fitness of others very seriously. This crosses over into his career as an actor, since people know that he can change weight and sculpt his body.

For proof of this, one need only look at the fact that he started out as a 160 pound model and was at one point a 330 pound professional wrestler. Dedication to health, life and career make the achievement of goals like this possible.


Sergio’s passion for entertainment, fitness and the inspiration of others all cross over in his latest project: Kidz N Funk.

In his performances with Ristie The Band, Sergio motivates and inspires kids and parents to be healthy, active, energetic and to take care of themselves and follow their interests.

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