There is no question that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most gifted and talented actors in all of Hollywood. For almost twenty-five years, Leo has taken the screen and provided us countless captivating performances ranging from the love struck hero, Jack, from Titanic to the cruel plantation oppressor, Calvin Candie, in Django. With over 38 awards from 153 nominations, six of them were for the Academy Awards, eleven for the Golden Globe Awards (winning three), nine for the Teen Choice Awards (winning tow, and nine Screen Actor guild Awards, it is hard to believe that this Hollywood leading actor has never won an Oscar.

To begin, the Academy Awards or Oscars is an annual American award ceremony honoring cinematic achievements in the film industry. The Oscars is the oldest entertainment award ceremony and has provided equivalents for television (Emmy Awards), theatre (Tony Awards), and music and recording (Grammy Awards). Though Leo has performed in some phenomenal roles, the A-list star has been overlooked time and time again.

But why is that? How could Hollywood’s most celebrated and in-demand actors of our generation be passed up for the biggest award in acting?


The question is not really a mystery. In reality, it was more of the timing. Before his 2014 loss to Matthew McConaughey, Leo experienced the same defeat two times. The first was in 2005 against Jamie Foxx for his performance in ‘Ray’ and the second was in 2007 against Forest Whitaker in his leading role in “The Last King of Scotland.” While ‘The Aviator” and “Blood Diamond,” pushed Leo away from his stereotypical roles for his charm and good looks, they were not enough to overtake the magnificent heartwarming performances that Jaime Foxx and Forest Whitaker executed in their films. Even with his charismatic and hedonistic role as Jordan Belfort in “The Wolf on Wall Street,” the same flaw pushed him again to the side to allow Matthew McConaughey to take the acting throne.

However, his new film, the Revenant, has taken the boxing office by storm. While it does provide the same intensity and emotion that we have seen in his previous roles in films such as the Departed, Great Gatsby, Blood Diamond, and Django, this film seems to take DiCaprio into an entirely different setting pushing him both physically and mentally. In the Revenant, Leo plays a legendary frontiersman, Hugh Glass, who sustained severe injuries from a brutal bear attack on their journey home. While his son was murdered and him left for dead by his own men, Glass mustered up the strength to survive and find his way back home. In the film, we see DiCaprio pushing his limits from scenes of him eating raw meat to even sleeping inside a horse. But beyond those stomach-churning moments, Leo is still able to capture our attention in every aspect through incredible monologues and star quality acting.

While many of the eagerly waiting fans will just have to wait to see Leo win the 2016 Oscar, all we can do is be thankful that he is once again nominated for this year.