MoviePass has received a lot of focus and attention lately. Recently, MoviePass announced that it is reducing the pricing of its service to under $10 a month. In previous years, the service charged upwards of $30 a month. Through lowering its price, MoviePass has the opportunity to appeal to a new audience of movie fans. Here is a closer look at the future ramifications of MoviePass’s price shakeup.

The Basics

MoviePass allows people to watch a movie in theaters every day for the single monthly rate that they are charged. Once you head to the MoviePass website, you can easily sign up for a subscription. A debit card will be mailed to your address. It should take a few days to arrive. Once you have picked out the movie that you would like to see, choose that movie on the MoviePass website. MoviePass will then load the cost of the ticket to your debit card. Once you get to the theater, show your MoviePass card and you will be able to enjoy the show.

How Will Theaters Respond?

MoviePass says that it has relationships with many of the top theater chains in the country, including AMC. For a more detailed look, users can go on the internet and enter their zip code to see which theaters are partnering with MoviePass in their area. You can also download the MoviePass app to learn more information. You are not allowed to use your MoviePass card to purchase more than one ticket at a time. You are also not allowed to see special 3D or Imax showings of films. The MoviePass card is only valid with the purchase of a standard film. MoviePass is valid at both major theater chains and smaller independent theaters.

More Movie Information

There is no limit on the amount of movies that you can view in a month. MoviePass does not allow people to see the same movie twice. You can use your MoviePass card at a theater with reserved seating. Users are not permitted to lend their MoviePass card to someone else.

AMC Theater Controversy

There has been a lot of discussion over the comments that AMC made about MoviePass. The large theater chain believes that MoviePass does not have a good long term business plan and will eventually fold. AMC has even threatened potential legal action against MoviePass. MoviePass Chief Executive Officer Mitch Lowe is not concerned about the criticism and believes that MoviePass will be successful in future years. Some people are worried about the potential ramifications of the disconnect between AMC and MoviePass, such as AMC refusing to acknowledge MoviePass. Lowe does not believe that AMC will end the relationship, due to their signed agreement with MasterCard.