remade movies: good or bad?

There are a lot of remakes hitting the box office right now and coming soon. For instance, Beauty and the The Beast is coming to theatres March 17, 2017. This adaption from the 1991 animation is sure to have people both young and old flocking to see this tale as old as time. Other remakes that are coming out this year include Jumanji, The Mummy, King Arthur, and Power Rangers.

Remakes Remind People To Revisit the Original

Whether you love remakes or absolutely hate them, the one big thing that they do is give recognition to the original. New movies are popping up all the time so unless a movie is a classic, only die hard fans are watching it. A remake, even if it is a bad one, will inspire people to check out the original again, bringing new life to the movie.

Access To Other Films

Remakes, especially ones that are remade from foreign films, give us access to movies we wouldn’t normally be able to find. For example, movies made in India or Germany usually do not make it over to America or if they do are very hard to find and also don’t contain subtitles, etc. Remaking movies for the United States give recognition to directors outside of the U.S. and opens people’s eyes to their other works if they really enjoyed the movie. Without remakes, many foreign directors and actors would go unnoticed by other countries.

Give Life To An Old Movie

If a movie was made back in the 50s it is likely that the quality of acting is still wonderful but the film elements and effects are not as great due to the lack of technology back then. Remakes can bring new life to a movie with effects, quality cameras, as well as remaster them into Blu Ray and high definition. This gives more people access to these movies then. With blockbuster gone and many other movie stores, finding old movies is hard to come by unless they are purchased. Remakes allow movies to get a makeover and be revived and give a larger audience access to them.

Remakes to movies are not always bad things. Even if the remake does not live up to the original, it gives the movie more popularity and people are more likely to take a look at the original.