This past Sunday, Game of Thrones wrapped up season six with its season finale episode, the Winds of Winter. As I watched probably one of the best seasons of the franchise come to a close, I cannot help but be astonished and astounded by the magnificence that is Game of Thrones. In my mind, the episode was absolutely perfect. It was true poetry. From the dark and tantalizing background music to the countless twist and turns for our main characters, I, like many fans, are just simply floored by what has happened and what will happen in season seven. But before I discuss various theories, I have to review the seventy-minute episode.

Starting off with a bang, we saw the dark queen, Cersei assume her role as queen on the iron chair. While many of us have already predicted this was going to happen, the overall strategy and destruction of utilizing wildfire to blast the high priest and his followers, as well as the beloved Queen Margaery, into smithereens, one cannot fathom the darkness that is Cersei. Yes, she has shown her dark heart numerous times. But after the walk of shame, we as viewers, had a sense of sympathy for the woman. This was character that lost everyone she loved. This was a character that was forced to live alone within the tyranny of the seven kingdoms. But most importantly, this was a strong and powerful figure that was force to become a symbol of mockery in every sense of the word where her son, her love, and even her kingdom saw her as nothing but weak. But, like any fan, we know Cersei is anything but weak. This is a woman of true power and conviction with the means to create something out of nothing. As much as we love Queen Margaery, the satisfaction of Cersei killing everyone that stood in her way is, and will always be, everything.

Outside of Cersei’s revenge, we saw the rise and glory that is the Stark name. For years, fans have continued to proclaim their allegiance to the Stark family. Even after the infamous Red Wedding episode where the simple idea of hope was lost, we continued to believe that one day, the Starks will comeback. For many fans, they favored Jon Snow to do this job. Even while seen as a bastard, Jon Snow has become one of the most beloved characters of Game of Thrones. His glory and reputation is not simply because of his care and charm. In the grand scheme of things, fans enjoy him because he is an underdog. Since the beginning, Jon snow has always come second to none compared to the rest of the Stark clan. His idea for the Men of the Night’s Watch was a concept of redemption and glory. While he may not be able to be a Stark, he could find high praise and glory with the Night’s Watch. But even after rising the rankings, we continued to see Jon suffer to a point where he was stabbed, killed, and betrayed by his closes friends. To see Jon’s rise from death, from Ramsay Bolton, and from everything itself as King of the North was simply perfect. To top it off, the writers finally confirming that he is the son of Lyanna Stark just adds to what the fans truly believe of him. But as much as we can give true grace to Jon’s revitalization of the Stark’s in the North, we have to give credit to Arya Stark. Her constant need for revenge, especially after the Red Wedding has been something fans have always pondered ‘when.’ This episode, Arya played the true Stark hero by avenging Robb and her mother. The murder of Walder Frey was simple, yet noteworthy. Especially with her line before the kill, “the last thing you will see is a Stark smiling down your face.” If you did not get chills from that, your allegiance is clearly to the Lannisters.

Now to truly put the icing on the cake, the writers included the final scene that fans have been dreaming of since we saw the rise of Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. While the plan has always been to set sail, we have never quite seen progress within her blueprint. It has always been something within the talks. But to put it in action was just simply not there. For the Winds of Winter, we see Daenerys set sail with the Greyjoy fleet and her three dragons soaring in the air. For those who do not watch the show, this may seem like a ‘wow’ factor. But for real fans, those truly invested in the work, this is more than we could have asked.

For now, the speculation of what could happen continues to linger the minds of every Game of Thrones fan. While I will not divulge all of my theories for season seven, I will have to say that as a king, your time will always be limited. We have seen these countless times in previous seasons. So for Jon Snow to assume the great title does have me worried. But we, of course, cannot forget the White Walkers. I believe Daenerys dragons will play a large role in for this one. For now, I will have to wait months until these theories are proven. Who knows, it could even take years. All I know is that I cannot wait for the next season to come one. It will definitely be one to remember.