Netflix gives you plenty of variety to pick from when it comes to their options on the streaming service. From cartoons to horror movies, the choices can be pretty overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that dedicating yourself to a show that’s 10 seasons long can seem like a daunting task. Here are a couple great shows to definitely check out on Netflix

Stranger Things

Only one season long, Stranger Things is a great show to watch for the sci fi lovers. The 8 episodes are set in the 1980s. When a boy goes missing, a group of friends befriend an alien like girl to help them find their friend in the upside down. This show will get you hooked and wishing for another season, which you will have to wait until Halloween to get.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a great show to watch on Netflix because not only is it a great show, but the episodes can all be watched separately and in random order so if you don’t have the opportunity to watch it for a little while, it won’t be a bad thing. Each episode really makes you think about a certain aspect of society with a dark message attached to them.

Gilmore Girls

This 4 episode continuation of the beloved Gilmore Girls show can be found on Netflix. The episodes are about an hour and a half long taking place in winter, spring, summer, and fall (an ode to their opening song). This show is great if you’ve seen all of the other episodes but I would suggest watching the original season first so that you know what is happening and understand all of the characters and background.


Travelers is another Netflix original series that has a sci fi element to it. It’s about people from the future who travel back in time to save earth from total destruction but also are conscious about not messing up time. They take the bodies of people who are already set to die at that point in time. Once there they have many missions they must complete but they also must adapt to the lives that their host bodies are living.

Netflix offers many great shows that are perfect for binging. Try out any of these shows next time you are overwhelmed with the choices.