As we enter into the sixth season of Game of Thrones, I felt like now would be a perfect time to reflect on the success and admiration I have for the HBO American fantasy drama television series. Once hailed as a big-budget nerd’s dream, the hit series has now escalated into a more cult like following. Now unlike the other fantasy shows out there like Once Upon a Time or Supernatural, Game of Thrones goes beyond the standard science fiction and fantasy fan base and attracts millions of viewers from all demographics. But what makes it so compelling? Why do we continue to pledge our loyalty to the Stark family and loathe and despise Ramsay ‘Snow’ Bolton as the worst human being on earth?

To begin, the show has some obvious hooks that continue to capture our imagination. With countless sword fights, gruesome violence, and erotic and fanciful love scenes, we as viewers can certainly escape our day-to-day reality and indulge in the elements of the medieval war ridden lifestyle. After all war, violence, and love are all rudiments of good story telling. And it is because of those elements that we are fueled and passionate about the pivotal moments and low points within the show. But what Game of Thrones so much more are its characters.

Since the pilot, we were introduced to a wide range of characters. After learning their motives, their history, their pride, and most importantly their deception, we became consumed and obsessed by the constant manipulation and backstabbing drama that is found within this HBO series. Now as much as I can speak about the drama that continues to adhere to the actions and decisions of each character, I have to of course note the innovation and novelty that this show brings to us each and every week.

Unlike other shows where their protagonist stays as the face and mantra of the series, Game of thrones is not afraid to kill of their main characters This impending rise of doom that ‘death’ plays for the show simply grows our attachment and respect for every single character. For example, with the Red Wedding episode, the fans were faced with an untimely goodbye to the murder and lasting line of defense of the Stark lineage. While most television shows will do whatever is in their power to keep their main characters safe, Game of Thrones adheres to the reality of the storyline that no one is safe. The only other show where we have seen this type of turn around is in Walking Dead, and even with them, there will always be the reoccurring cast of Rick and the rest of his ‘family.’

While season six does provide some glimmer of hope to Mr. John Snow, we are still uncertain of what is to come. But, at the end of the day, that is what makes Game of Thrones the masterpiece that it is. All I have to say is that I will be waiting at the edge of my seat like the rest of the fans with the twits and turns of the lies, deceptions, and revenge that will soon come to light.